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We are making Covve's powerful engine available to help you
with your contact lists. Covve was created with your address
book in mind and due to popular demand we are offering
access to our engine to analyse and convert bigger contact lists
and leads lists.

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Find country & phone type from phone number
You can visit this site on your desktop computer to access this service and upload your files.

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Instructions: The Excel file needs to be saved in the default xlsx format and needs to be under 20MB of size. The phone numbers to be converted must be listed in the first column of the first sheet of the spreadsheet (Sheet1, Column A). Once uploaded you can review a sample of the results, the total number of phones identified and the cost.

Privacy: We will use this data solely for the purpose of providing this service. We will not reuse, resell or in any other way process or disseminate this data. In the context of GDPR, Covve is the Data Processor. You, as the data controller are responsible for ensuring you have the right and any permissions necessary to use this data.

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